Since 1987 Crane Rental Services

Thanks to a certified and trained staff, our experts are able to find the best solution and the cheapest offer able to guarantee a quality service both in Brescia and in the province.
  • 360° lifting
    • Permits
    • Lift plans
    • Transportation
    • Technical staff
    • Lifting material
    • Machines, mobile cranes, hoists etc...
    • Insurance coverage
  • Crane rental
  • Platform rental
  • Exceptional transport
  • Load tests
  • Realization of lifting equipment
  • Certifications and projects
  • Training courses

Noleggio di autogrù con operatore e senza a Brescia e provincia per le esigenze di sollevamento.


We offer the rental service of aerial platforms with or without operator in Brescia and its province.


Our team is always available for risk situations or vehicle movement in the event of a road accident.


Rental of mobile cranes with and without operator in Brescia and province for lifting needs.

Request a quote now and discover the benefits!

Machinery of Brescia Sollevamenti

The lifting service offers a varied and complete fleet of machines, capable of dealing with numerous lifting operations, overhead crane assembly and systems of any type, (even simultaneous) with extreme precision.
With the arrival of the latest machine, we have significantly increased the possibility of internal movements for the positioning of machine tools of any kind.
We also offer the service of assembling carpentry, structures in concrete, wood or other materials. Our staff is highly qualified and certified to carry out any type of lifting in complete safety.
The Brescia Lifting machinery fleet includes:


  • 10 t with or without operator
  • 30 t with or without operator
  • 70 t with operator
  • 90 t with operator
  • 120 t with operator
  • 150 t with operator
  • 160 t with operator
  • 200 t with operator
  • 350 t with operator


  • Fixed
  • Self-propelled
  • Articulated
  • Truck mounted
  • Vertical with height up to 60 meters
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